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Telling Tales

Project Description

Telling Tales – 200 years of Rowley Rag

Rowley Rag inlayed cast and nonferrous metals
2m x 3m each piece of rag weighing between 6 – 8 tonne

The Rowley Hills are an iconic Black Country landscape with an important scientific, industrial and social history, owing mainly to their varied geology. The Rowley Rag is thought to have been used by people as far back as Roman times, when it’s likely to have been used as road-stone on Portway Hill, which follows the line of an old Roman Road. Quarrying on an industrial scale began around 200 years ago and thirty separately named quarries of varying ages have been identified. These provided employment for generations of local people from the surrounding communities.

The work celebrates 200 years of Rowley quarry due to closure in 2012. Working with local schools, community centre, residents Planet Art developed as series of ideas for the site which is a major focal point as you pass on the M5 motorway. After a vote by local residents the concept of 200 years was taken forward into the making stage. Planet Art worked in the quarry for around 8 months producing the work.

Project Details

Location: Rowley Regis, Turners Hill

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