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Out Of Darkness Cometh Light

Project Description

Out Of Darkness Cometh Light

9m x 5m x 1m stainless steel and lighting sculpture.

Sainsbury’s commissioned Planet Art to produce a sculpture to celebrate the opening of their new super store in the centre of Wolverhampton. The brief “to use as the theme of regeneration of the derelict site which had been a blot on the landscape for some 10 years”.

Planet Art worked closely with the store manager, Sainsbury’s steering group and local council team to develop the idea for the work.

Layers of the City’s history form the base of the sculpture, finishing with a ‘Mumuration of starlings’ which are often seen during winter on this site spiralling into the midnight sky – a metaphor for change.

Structural engineers: GD Partnership
Welding: SAP

Project Details

Client: Sainsbury’s
Location: Sainsbury’s, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton, West Midlands

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