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Bentley Cairn

Project Description

Bentley Cairn

30m x 30m
Stone, cast iron, mild steel, landscaping paving, planting, breed and gravel path.
Sculpture, landscape, garden, seating and new paths.

The forgotten story of how Jane Lane helped King Charles II escape from Oliver Cromwell was not well known in the area – the Cairn was placed where the Lane family home once stood.

Our brief was to create a fitting work to mark this historical event, tell the story, and involve the local community in the whole of the project.

Planet Art worked with 5 schools, Walsall Council, the Monarchs way society, community centre, library, Walsall historical society and Walsall Countryside services. The piece, a large scale monument and earth work. The 4 stones tell the story of Charles’ escape, the project includes a bespoke fence, circular crown-like landscaping, path and seating.

Project Details

Client: Walsall Council
Location: Bentley, Walsall, West Midlands

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